It’s so Fluffy

Like I mentioned in my recent post, Green Suede and Snake, second layers are the best investment one can make. They’re also the easiest way to give dimension to any outfit, which results in your own piece of art with your own personal aesthetic touch.

I’m a firm believer that fashion is a form of art. It takes a certain eye and skill to create a cohesive ensemble. It might not be considered a fine art, but it’s a decorative or applied art, without a doubt. The same amount of artistic expression goes into an outfit, as it does with a painting. 

Now, I’m not saying that the black Givenchy dress that Audrey Hepburn wore in Breakfast at Tiffany’s is comparable to the Sculpture of David or Monet’s Water Lillies, but it has made a historical impression in time due to its artistic value.

Fashion can tell anyone who you are and the character that you decide to portray that day. I’m sure you experience the same dilemma as I do each morning: deciding what to wear. Do you ever have those days when you stand in-front of your closet, complaining that you have nothing to wear? You have plenty to wear; plenty of items to create an outfit. What you’re really saying is that you don’t have anything that you can use to create the person you want to be, or are feeling. It happens to all of us, all of the time! Sometimes we want to be edgy and sometimes we want to keep it classic.

I, particularly, love this jacket. It looks lavender or light grey depending on what I pair it with, which gives it a versatile look. I layered it over a fairly basic and easy-to-throw-on-and-go outfit. Between the furry jacket and the detailed MIA booties, I was able create the textured look that I was hoping for.

Photography: Kristine Cramer Photography


Jacket: Target | Shorts: Free People | Top: J.Crew | Shoes: MIA

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